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Blend in, or be hunted. Panoptic is a tense, 1v1 asymmetrical VR/desktop game that pits a colossal Overseer, armed with a slow but devastating eye laser, against a tiny dissident Being intent on destroying the Overseer’s energy source by mimicking the movements of others to remain undetected. Born out of a multi-award winning game jam prototype, Panoptic sees one player enter virtual reality as the Overseer, a god-like being that searches the world and its inhabitants for any signs of uprising. The other player uses a desktop computer/console to become one of the tiny Beings under the watchful eye of the Overseer. Tasked with destroying the Overseer’s energy source, blending in becomes critical. A mis-step, breaking away from the crowd cover of other Beings, or being spotted destroying an energy orb turns the search into a nerve-wracking hunt. Armed with a slow-charging eye laser capable of killing a Being with a single shot, the Overseer will suddenly have the advantage, as the dissident Being attempts to once again hide in plain sight. With an unsettling, science fiction atmosphere that hints at a dark and secretive lore, Panoptic features numerous interactive levels and environments, multiple types of NPC AI, a wondrous sense of scale, and short - but constantly intense - rounds of local 1v1 competition.


ABOUT THE DEVELOPER: TEAM PANOPTES Belgian-based Team Panoptes came together in 2016 in the ticket queue of a game jam. Interested in trying to make their first VR game, the five person team took the InnoGame Jam theme of “Masks” and set to work on an asymmetrical local multiplayer game that focused on hiding in plain sight and figurative “unmasking”. Called Panoptes (after the many-eyed giant in Greek mythology), the game went on to win three out of the seven official award categories, including “Best Overall Games”, “Best VR game” and “Best Game Feel”. The jam was judged by a jury of industry people, including Rami Ismail and Chet Faliszek. Changing the game’s name from Panoptes to Panoptic, the team of Bastien Gorissen (Designer, Programmer, Composer), Jan Tuts (Designer, 3D/technical artist), Pauline Marlière (Designer, Concept/2D artist) and Thomas Stassin (Designer, Programmer) set about forming a full-time studio, after losing Thomas Van Bouwel to a dream job offer. With a desire to make games that put experiences first, and explore a few gameplay ideas in depth, Team Panoptes want to use game mechanics and environments to tell their stories.


  • A competitive, asymmetric VR / desktop experience: Engage in local 1 v 1 competitions that only require one virtual reality headset. One player enters VR as the colossal Overseer, armed with a slow but devastating eye laser; the other commandeering the desktop as a small, dissident Being intent on destroying the Overseer’s energy orbs.
  • If they see you, they will hunt you: From the moment the game begins, the Overseer is searching for any clue that one of the many Beings moving through the environment is the dissident Being. For the dissident Being that means blending in… FAST. A mis-step, a break from cover, a too-direct path to smash an energy orb and the hunt gets real.
  • A mysterious world with numerous interactive levels: Evoking an unsettling science fiction atmosphere that hints at a dark and secretive lore, the numerous interactive levels and environments of Panoptic are filled with mysterious beings, hidden triggers, rewards for exploration, a multitude of pathways and a variety of geometrical designs and scales.
  • Observation and intelligence, not speed: Whether you’re the Overseer or the dissident Being, the ability to accurately identify (and mimic) the movement patterns of NPC AI and second-guess the other player will almost always win the round over a reliance on trigger finger or mouse speeds. Go head-to-head, not hand-to-hand.


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About Surprise Attack Games

Surprise Attack Games is an independent games label based in Australia. It works with amazing creators to bring remarkable, weird and unique games to discerning players worldwide.

You may know them from the hacking game using real unix commands (Hacknet), the surveillance thriller series that puts you in the shoes of Big Brother (Orwell), the multiplayer split-screen shooter where everyone is invisible (Screencheat), or the dystopian steampunk mini-golf adventure game (Vertiginous Golf).

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Panoptic Credits

Bastien Gorissen
Design, Programming, Music

Jan Tuts
Design, 3D/Technical Art

Pauline Marlière
Design, Concept/2D Art

Thomas Stassin
Design, Programming

Chris Wright
Managing Director, Surprise Attack Games

Marla Fitzsimmons
Marketing Manager, Surprise Attack Games

Stephen Heller
Community Manager, Surprise Attack Games

Drew Taylor
Communications Manager, Surprise Attack Games

Fiona Murray
Finance Manager, Surprise Attack Games

Stephen Gray
Business Manager, Surprise Attack Games

Michelle Pirozzi
Director, Surprise Attack Games

Aaron Bertinetti
Chairman, Surprise Attack Games

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